Charitable Partners

$ 15000
donated to local organizations

Bear Shadow proudly commits to the environmental conservation and preservation of The Highlands Plateau. In 2021 and 2022, Bear Shadow donated $20,000 to local organizations, including the Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust and Highlands Biological Station. In 2023 we are partnering with Sky Valley-Scaly Mountain Volunteer Fire & Rescue and The Resource Institute to help keep our beautiful land and waterways safe for people and wildlife alike. $25 of every ticket purchase will go to support these organizations. Bear Shadow is a production of Highlands Festivals, Inc., a 501c3 organization.

lbs of waste diverted from landfills

Since 2016, Highlands Festivals, Inc. and ZeroHero have diverted over 15,000 lbs of waste from landfills through their recycling and composting efforts.

ZeroHero recycling and trash tent-style festival can
People sorting recycling after a festival