Bear Shadow’s commitment to our natural environment for all to enjoy is an utmost priority. We partner with local organizations focused on preserving and retaining the splendor we all immerse ourselves in when we stay or visit the Plateau. Each year, a portion of the festival’s proceeds go directly to nonprofits dedicated to providing education, outreach, conservation, or protection of the diverse flora, fauna, and geographical features of the Highlands-Cashiers area. To date, with your help, we’ve donated over $10,000 to familiar organizations such as Highlands Cashiers Land Trust. This year, we’re please to announce our support of the Highlands Biological Station. The Highlands Biological Foundation (HBF) provides our community with opportunities to explore nature and learn about the many wonders of our unique environment.

HBF fulfills this mission by supporting research at the Highlands Biological Station, a nearly 100-year-old institution focused on examining the rich natural heritage of the Highlands Plateau.  The Station has grown into a premiere destination for field research and scientific study, especially for salamanders and other species so prevalent in this biodiversity hotspot.  Since its inception in 1927, HBS has grown to a campus of 24 acres, with 4 residences, fully equipped research and teaching labs and classrooms, two outdoor classrooms, a historic WPA-built Nature Center, and a unique native-plant Botanical Garden.

HBF also operates the Highlands Nature Center which welcomes thousands of visitors a year for lectures, camps, outreach programs and special events.  Their goal is that all who visit the Nature Center and the historic Highlands Botanical Garden leave with a better understanding of why Highlands is such a special place.  They strive to inspire the next generation of field scientists by offering environmental education opportunities to residents and visitors of the Plateau.

Donate to the Highlands Biological Foundation

Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust

Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust conserves forests, wetlands, and vistas on and around the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau.  These lands are of high ecological value and conserving them protects the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and healthy habitat for all who live here. To learn more about this nationally accredited nonprofit organization and how they conserve some of the world’s oldest mountains, visit